Online Course: Adapting Your First PBL Project

An 8-week course for teachers who wish to adapt an existing Gold Standard PBL unit to implement immediately with their students.
Adapting Your First Project

Course Description

In this course, teachers will adapt one of 72 standards-based PBL projects to meet the needs of their students and unique context - both for the classroom or remote learning - while gaining a grounding in theEssential Design Elements for Gold Standard PBL。此外,教师将学习PBL如何成为促进教育公平的强大工具。bob综合app体育下载

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Optional graduate-level professional development credit is available through Southern New Hampshire University for an additional $120 fee.

Who should take this course?

Teachers who are new to PBL, as well as experienced PBL teachers, who wish to learn how to adapt existing Gold Standard projects for their students - whether in the classroom or online. It’s also a great opportunity for teachers to learn or review what PBL is and how it can be transformational for students.

This course is also for teachers who wish to earn optional graduate-level professional development credit.


  • A ready-to-implement, standards-based PBL unit designed for a participant’s students - including community resources, technology specs, and a comprehensive assessment plan with both formative and summative strategies.
  • 掌握了黄金标准PBL的基本项目设计元素bob综合app体育下载, and how to apply these elements to make learning more meaningful and engaging for all students.
  • Facility in navigating the interactive项目设计师tool to adapt future PBL units for their students.


  • 包括项目设计师,an online planning tool, with a library of 72 adaptable, standards-based PBL Projects across subject areas and grade levels (K-12).
  • Instruction:Facilitated 90-minute weekly sessions and independent work
  • Grading:Pass/Fail
  • 班级:Up to 50 educators
  • 课程长度:8周
  • 大学学分:可选的研究生级专业开发信贷可供额外费用,并提供新罕布什尔大学南部

What to expect?

Course Outline

Week 1: Gold Standard Project Based Learning Overview- required90分钟在线会议
Build your understanding of what PBL and aGold Standardproject is, and gain an understanding of a project through your students' eyes.

第2周:将学生与挑战性问题或质疑引用 -independent work and optional online session
通过学习如何发展与学习目标,标准和成功技能以及教育公平相关的具有挑战性的问题或问题,以最终考虑您的项目。基于项目的教学实践will be introduced.

星期3:维持ing Inquiry from Start to Finish -independent work and optional online session
Adapt an Entry Event to meet the needs of your classroom. Learn how to ensure all students can succeed through need-to-knows and effective question strategies.

Week 4: Planning for Voice and Choice-required 90-min online session
Develop opportunities for students to have voice and choice within the activities, milestones, and final project. Consider strategies for developing effective teamwork skills including providing feedback.

第5周:真实的连接 -independent work and optional online session
Develop plans for including authentic audiences - community partners/experts aligned to the subject matter - for your students during the project. Explore technology tools and strategies to help actualize this part of the project plan.

Week 6: Assessing and Reflecting -independent work and optional online session

Week 7: Critique and Revision -independent work and optional online session

第8周:学习展览- required90分钟在线会议


  • Learning Documents & Materials

    Required Text:没有。所需的材料在线提供

    Supplemental Reading (optional):设置基于项目的学习标准(Larmer, Mergendoller, & Boss, 2015)


    • Background building, via short readings, video case studies, interactive learning activities
    • Formative assessment (either for self-assessment or shared with facilitator), including focused discussions, weekly reflection, open response prompts, quizzes, and peer critique.
    • 协作学习,例如,与同学的子集,对情景的协作响应
  • Assignments
    • Weekly journal entry in response to specific reflection prompt. Journal is submitted as final deliverable.
    • Final product will be presented in Week 8 during a synchronous session and contributed to an idea bank
    • Peer assessments, based on rubric for final product
  • 技术要求


    • Desktop, laptop, Chromebook, or Surface PRO 4 or newer are ideal. (We do不是recommend iOS or Android tablets)
    • 扬声器(外部或内部)或耳机/耳塞
    • Webcam (either external or internal)

    Internet Connection

    • An internet connection – broadband wired or wireless
    • 3Mbps/3Mbps (upload/download) – Not sure?Check here.

    Operating Systems

    • Mac OS 10.10 or newer, Windows 10 or newer, and Chrome OS Browsers
    • 建议镀铬,Firefox,Safari和Microsoft Edge。


    • Zoom Video Conferencing program (latest update), available for free download这里
    • Google Docs via a Google-enabled account. Free sign up这里



日期:July 11 – Sept 2, 2022 (Mondays)
Sept 26 - Nov 18, 2022 (Mondays)

Start Time:下午6:30中央时间

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