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All About Project Based Learning

  • 什么是pbl?bob综合app体育下载

    Project Based Learning is a teaching method in which students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to an authentic, engaging, and complex question, problem, or challenge. Students demonstrate their knowledge and skills by developing a public product or presentation for a real audience.


  • How does PBL differ from “doing projects” or “hands-on activities”?

    Project Based Learning is a more rigorous and extensive way to learn compared to a typical “project” or ”hands-on activity” that adults may remember from school. In PBL, the project is not just a lesson or an activity done after a unit of instruction; it is the unit. PBL is not the ”dessert”—it is the “main course,” the primary way for students to learn targeted academic content and skills.

  • Does PBL work? And how does it benefit students?

    如果做得好,PBL有许多积极的结bob综合app体育下载果students. It can increase student engagement and motivation, improve retention of content knowledge, provide students with real-world applications of learning, and build success skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, collaboration, and creativity.See more reasonswhy educators are introducing PBL into their classrooms.

  • What does the research say about PBL?

    研究shows that PBL can promote student learning and may be more effective than traditional instruction in social studies, science, mathematics, and literacy. The continued emergence of research findings to support PBL as a valid instructional method for all students, including those who are furthest from opportunity, is promising and growing.

    研究demonstrates that PBL:

    • Increases students’ understanding of concepts and their ability to apply knowledge.

    • 帮助学生记住他们学到了更长的学到并在新情况下使用这种知识。

    • Teaches students how to work in teams, solve problems, and communicate what they have learned.

    • 提高学生态度和动机。

    Schools that use PBL, along with other programs and personalized approaches to support students, report fewer disciplinary problems, better attendance, and higher graduation rates compared to similar students in non-PBL settings.

  • Does PBL raise test scores?

    研究shows that PBL can promote student learning and may be more effective than traditional instruction in social studies, science, mathematics, and literacy.

    PBL can raise traditional standardized test scores, when done well and combined with other strategies at a school. Some studies show that PBL has less effect on test scores, but it yields other benefits that are not measured on traditional tests. Traditional tests, generally speaking, are limited to measuring students’ content knowledge and ability to do basic skills such as reading, writing, and using math procedures. A good project can be used to reinforce these skills, and provide motivation for students to practice them.

  • Does PBL require more work by teachers?


  • Does PBL require lots of changes in the school?

    PBL can be done in any classroom by a committed teacher. It can be easier, however, and more effective to do PBL in a school environment that supports it. Factors that support PBL implementation include flexible schedules, opportunities for teachers to collaborate, and administrators and a school culture that support PBL.

  • PBL是否bob综合app体育下载需要更多的金钱,特殊设施或技术?

    PBL can be done by skilled teachers anywhere, with no additional resources or special facilities. However, it is done more easily in large classrooms where the furniture is movable, there is storage space for keeping work, and Internet access is available. Although technology can be a tremendous tool and resource, many great projects do not require high tech software, equipment, or computers. Professional development and ongoing support for teachers and school leaders, like that provided by PBLWorks, does cost money but can be instrumental in the success of a PBL implementation effort.

  • Does PBL need to be used all the time in a school?


    Because it is engaging and effective for students, we believe PBL should be used to teach the core curriculum in a school or course, rather than being used only in special programs such as “Genius Hour” or Makerspaces. When PBL is used regularly, students have more opportunities to build success skills, which take time to develop.


  • Is PBL appropriate and effective for all students?


  • PBLbob综合app体育下载是否适合所有受试者?

    Projects can be designed to teach any subject, including science, social studies/history, English language arts, and mathematics. Projects often combine more than one subject, because many real-world problems and issues are complex and must be solved through an interdisciplinary approach.

    Ultimately, it is not the subject itself that defines the appropriateness of PBL, but rather the nature of the knowledge within that subject. For instance, multiplication facts are better taught with flashcards than PBL. On the other hand, a project could be designed to help students understand more about the concept of multiplication and apply what has been learned.

  • For all grade levels?

    PBL works for students in preschool and all the way up through high school, college, and graduate school. Teachers can design and manage the projects so they meet the needs of their specific students.

  • For teaching basic skills and content knowledge?


  • 对于接受特殊教育服务的学生?

    Special Education (SPED) students enjoy and learn from working with their peers on projects, and can contribute their talents to the team. When students are working on a project in a mainstreamed classroom, the teacher and SPED staff are better able to support SPED students compared to traditional, whole-group instruction.

  • For English learners?


  • For students who have advanced skills?

    Advanced students can go beyond the standard curriculum and delve more deeply into a project’s topic, often pursuing personal interests. They, too, can benefit from gaining skills in real-world problem solving, collaboration, and communication with a variety of people.

  • Does PBL prepare students well for college?

    然后学校的学生仍然可以学习如bob综合app体育下载何sten to lectures and take notes--although instruction in college is changing, with more use of interactive teaching methods, team assignments, and presentations, and even PBL. Students often have difficulty in college because they haven't learned to problem-solve and take responsibility for their own learning. PBL provides students with opportunities to build these competencies, as projects require them to make decisions, monitor their progress, work with other students, and interact with adults.

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